Art restoration services are available through Frame-ables for works of art on paper or canvas.
  A piece of art can be examined by the staff at Frame-ables to determine 
if restoration is
  necessary. Expert art restoration specialists can restore the art as close to its original appearance 
  as possible. 
Oil Painting Restoration
It is well known that restoration to  artwork typically raises the value of the artwork;
we can help you to evaluate your works of art
on canvas to determine if restoration
would benefit your piece. Our expert art restorers can determine the extent of restoration needed and make any recommendations.
Restoration of works of art on paper
 If you have watercolors, ink, asian, or other works of art on paper that suffer from glue,    
 tape, mildew, age,
or any other number of ailments, let us help to bring your piece to back
 to near perfect condition.
Photo Restoration
Digital photo restoration is available on some projects. The photograph is scanned and  
then restored using editing programs. This is an option if you have a photograph that has 
endured light to medium damage.
Have your photos faded? Bring them in to Frame-ables for digital color restoration!
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